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Avril Fortuin

Coach. Motivator. Trainer

A Quick Background

I grew up in apartheid South Africa as one of eight children. I faced racism and oppression and lacked opportunity, but I didn't let that stop me from pursuing my education and career goals. I overcame the challenges and barriers and forged my own path to success. I am a testament to resilience, determination, and courage.

My coaching mantra

“There is much power in living with a purpose.”

Find it. Live it. Fulfil it.


2016 - Current

founder & ceo

Avril Fortuin Training Services Pty Ltd.

Business coaching

Idea and business strategy

Online training facilitation


Course development and curriculum design

Tools - Moodle and Articulate 360

2009 - 2014


Liberia Entrepreneurial & Economic Development

Project budget management Vocational, entrepreneurship, business, and life skills training

Job placement and job-shadowing

Team supervision and report generation

Curriculum design and production of training manuals

Collaboration with government agencies and private companies

2011 - 2015

Training consultant & business planning

Liberia Institute of Managment

Agribusiness, entrepreneurship, leadership skills training

Business planning and research

Impact assessment

Project monitoring and evaluation

Collaboration with stakeholders

Project performance reporting

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What i can do

Skills & Proficiencies

Business Coaching

Online Training + Facilitation

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design

Strategic Planning + Project Management

What i've done so far


Coaching 1:1

Coached and mentored over 500 start-ups, small business owners and hustlers across various sectors.


Trained over 2500 youth in vocational, life, entrepreneurship and business skills.

Strategy Planning

Conducted impact assessments, business planning, curriculum design and facilitated training.

“Her focus is entrepreneurship, but she has a way of touching other areas of one’s life that leaves them growing holistically.”

tendani maumela


“Avril is one special kind of coach! During my first session with her, she took the time to

listen intently to my story. She has helped me grow personally, emotionally and within my career. Now, my goals are all coming to life.”

Eden michelle

Small Biz Owner

Fun Facts

traveler in airport

I used to be a face-to-face trainer, and nothing made me happier than seeing my learners have their "aha" moments. I'm passionate about social issues and have been coaching mentors for a non-profit that empowers youth.

When I'm not working, I love exploring different parts of Africa, Europe, and North America, trying new foods, and hiking.

I also love hosting dinner parties for my friends and family - I'm always up for fun conversations and new experiences!


I Love

These are just some of the things that make me feel alive!

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Avril Fortuin




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